The three main areas we assist with are:

  • Designing, installing and managing business telephone, voicemail and related applications
  • Acting as an agent to get clients set-up with local, long distance and internet connectivity at lower costs
  • Installing voice and data cabling


There is not one solution for every client. Each company has a different set of needs and a different solution to fit those needs. At Maverick Networks, we take great care and pride in designing the correct solution for all clients.

As Maverick CEO, Aaron Lee emphasizes, "We basically are telecom doctors. We do a diagnosis of a company's telelcom problems, and it's business needs. I come in and ask, 'what are your pains? We ask a lot of questions."

This attention to detail and care that Maverick Networks puts into each client allows for a customized design before project implementation has even commenced. Maverick Networks will help to take the stress away from this decision by designing, installing, and managing the business telephone and VM systems. We will design and manage the entire installation process, even acting as agent to help negotiate a better deal.

Phone Systems

Since every client is unique, we offer a full array of Mitel solutions to fit all needs. All Mitel products are equally capable but offer a different set of solutions based on the clients unique situation. Please contact us for an evaluation of the appropriate system for your business.

Compass Solution

The Compass Solution is a complete managed services program for your companies communication needs. When you purchase or lease communications equipment, you assume the risks and responsibilities associated with ownership and operation of that system. The Compass Solution considers all the costs associated with the operation of your communications system and protects you from the risks and uncertainties associated with ownership and management of advanced technology.

Outsource your telecommunications to Compass and focus your attention on your business, secure in the knowledge your requirements for an effective telecommunication system are being met, both now and in the future.

Compass Solution - Navigating Business Communications

  • Full Service and Warranty
  • Guaranteed Rates for Expansion
  • Upgrade and Recast Flexibility
  • System Software Upgrades
  • Risk of Loss Coverage
  • Disaster Recovery Provision
  • System Training
  • Unlimited Onsite / Remote Programming Changes
  • Guaranteed Renewal Options

Download the Compass Solution pdf