Maverick Networks office At Maverick Networks in beautiful Pleasanton, California, our associates have been serving the business community since 1986. We have many customers who rely on us to design, install, train and maintain their communications platforms and data networks. We will listen carefully to your needs and then provide you a total communication solution based on experience, innovative ideas, the right technology for you, uncompromising quality.

Maverick Networks was founded in 2003 as a one stop source for voice, data, video and mobile communications systems. We quickly made a name for ourselves by offering a full communication service catered to each client versus the traditional approach of selling small pieces and offering even smaller customer support. Maverick Networks, however, took the approach of learning as much as it could about each customer’s business challenges and then tailoring a telecommunications solution to fit.

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About Our Founder

CEO, Aaron Lee, exemplifies the Maverick persona with his tenacity and personal approach to the telecommunications industry. Maverick Networks operates much more like a team, than a rigid organization. This flexibility allows ideas to flow, communication to thrive and projects to be completed with ultimate care and efficiency.

Values & Mission

Business Ethics and Integrity

At Maverick Networks we take the issue of business ethics seriously, and we value the reputation for integrity and trust of customers, partners, employees and vendors we have created. Since our business is built on long-term relationships we are committed to the highest standard of business practices, performance and responsibility

Quality, Experienced and Flexible Staff

Maverick Networks continually seeks and recruits highly experienced technicians, professionals and project managers with broad industry and technology experience. We are able to tap into this knowledge/skill/experience base to provide services and solutions to meet the needs of customers with a variety of applications.

Open and Effective Communication

Open and effective communication is critical to establishing our customer's needs and expectations. By understanding their needs, how they use their current technology and their expectations from new technology, we can better provide them the solution that is the best fit. Maverick Networks diverse staff and resources enable us to produce high quality solutions. Our staff is experienced and capable. We promote open and honest communications between teams by making sure information is documented and relayed to the necessary parties in order to provide the best possible solution for the customer within any given constraints.

Knowledge Sharing and Recommending of Proven Solutions

Maverick Networks continually seeks the best solution for each customer. Where previous solutions have been proven to be successful or best in class, Maverick Networks will recommend these applications or employ key aspects for future customers. Part of our philosophy is to leverage successes to enable another customer's success.

Financial Responsibility

Maverick Networks places importance on financial responsibility, in its pricing and accounting practices to ensure long-term viability, profitability of the company and customer relationships built on trust.

Long Term Business Relationships

Maverick Networks views each customer as a partnership and a customer's success is a key to our own success. Our business is built on long term relationships. So, we aim to provide solutions that are flexible enough to allow an organization to grow, and as it grows provide additional solutions where needed.

Mission Statement

Maverick Networks' mission is to become the market leader and trusted advisor for Converged Communications by consistently exceeding our Customer's expectations; providing them with the best of breed technology solutions for Converged Communications. We will continually communicate with, and learn from our Customers, in order to improve our services. Furthermore we will keep on top of today's and tomorrow's technology, no matter how fast it moves, to ensure our Customers always have the best tools available to them. We will strive to make technology solutions integrate seamlessly for our Customers, so their businesses can grow. As their trusted technology partner, when their business grows ours will grow with them, therefore, we will work hand in hand with them to support the growth.